Our Services

General Pest Control

Tupelo Pest Control is your top choice for comprehensive pest management, offering advanced General Pest Control services. We prioritize the safety of your home and business, swiftly addressing existing pest issues and implementing preventive measures for long-term resilience. Count on our commitment to excellence for customized, efficient, and discreet solutions, maintaining pest-free environments with care.

Residential Pest Control

Tupelo Pest Control ensures your home stays pest-free with our top-notch Residential Pest Control. Our skilled team employs advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to address various pests, prioritizing the safety of your family and pets. Count on our commitment to excellence for a haven free from unwanted guests.

Commercial Pest Control

Tupelo Pest Control offers expert Commercial Pest Control, safeguarding businesses from pest infestations. Our seasoned team employs advanced technologies and tailored solutions to swiftly eliminate existing issues and prevent future occurrences, ensuring a pest-free environment for business success. Count on us for reliable and discreet services prioritizing your enterprise’s health and integrity.

Mosquito Control

We offer a mosquito control program that works well in the North Mississippi area. Our program will reduce the adult mosquito population and eliminate mosquitoes, where they breed. Our expert technicians have years of experience and can quickly identify likely breeding spots that need treatment. We know how important your home, yard and family are to you. We offer a number of options for mosquito treatments. The most popular options tend to be our seasonal spraying packages with monthly service. 

Wasp Control

We can not only treat the nests of wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects, but we can also treat your home to prevent these insects from entering your home.  We will eliminate any existing nests and also apply a preventative to the nesting areas to prevent future nests.

Rodent Control

Tupelo Pest Control excels in targeted Rodent Control, swiftly identifying and eliminating breeding spots to ensure a rodent-free environment. Our seasoned technicians offer customizable solutions, including popular seasonal packages with monthly service, providing ongoing protection for your home and family.

Termite Treatment

Tupelo Pest Control stands as your reliable solution for termite management, employing advanced techniques to swiftly address termite infestations in your property. Our expert technicians deliver customized solutions, ensuring a termite-free environment. Count on us to safeguard the structural integrity of your home or business with effective and dependable termite treatment services.

Bed Bug Treatment

Tupelo Pest Control specializes in thorough Bed Bug Treatment, employing advanced methods to eradicate bed bug infestations from your home. Our expert technicians are equipped to handle the unique challenges posed by these pests, ensuring a comprehensive and effective solution for a bed bug-free environment. Trust Tupelo Pest Control to restore comfort to your home with our dedicated and reliable bed bug treatment services.

Army Worm Treatment

Tupelo Pest Control stands ready to address army worm infestations with our specialized Army Worm Treatment, designed to restore the health and vitality of your lawn. Our experienced technicians are adept at swiftly identifying and targeting army worm breeding areas, utilizing advanced methods for effective control and prevention. Through a comprehensive approach, we not only eliminate existing army worm populations but also implement measures to safeguard your outdoor space from future infestations.

Flea/Tick Treatment

Tupelo Pest Control is your go-to for Flea and Tick Treatment, utilizing advanced techniques to promptly address infestations in your home or yard. Our expert technicians provide tailored solutions, ensuring a pest-free environment for your family and pets. Trust us to eliminate fleas and ticks effectively, preserving the comfort and well-being of your living space with our reliable pest treatment services.

Fire Ant Treatment

Tupelo Pest Control is your trusted partner for Fire Ant Treatment, employing advanced techniques to swiftly address infestations in your outdoor spaces. Our expert technicians deliver tailored solutions, ensuring a fire ant-free environment. Count on us to eliminate these invasive pests effectively, preserving the safety and enjoyment of your property with our reliable pest treatment services.